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Are you aware of the risks associated with toothaches and how to spot them if they should arise? Typically, an abscessed tooth refers to an infection that has left the inner workings of a tooth vulnerable to pulp death. If the pulp within your tooth is destroyed, it may need to be extracted. Otherwise, the tooth can fail as well. However, rather than letting it get to that point, always be aware of toothache symptoms so you can visit dentist as soon as possible.

Visual clues indicating a toothache includes noticeable discharge around a tooth. Furthermore, if you are experiencing a high fever, chills that cannot be treated with medication, or you notice any abnormal facial rashes that have no other explanation, it could be the result of a toothache. Also, if you are suffering from a TMJ disorder, have had an oral accident or have wisdom teeth erupt in your mouth, you may be at an increased risk for toothaches. For proper treatments and care to help alleviate problems associated with toothaches, visit our dentist.

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