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If you have any lost or missing teeth, an incomplete smile can lead to severe oral ailments. In addition, missing teeth can cause your jawline to sink in, your jaw bone to weaken or deteriorate, gums to destabilize, and even your teeth to move and rotate out of position. To keep your smile safe, replace missing teeth with replacements such as dentures, dental implants, or dental bridge.

Numerous functions can be impaired due to missing teeth. This can include a downturn in your chewing and eating abilities as well as speech impediments. Furthermore, missing teeth can give rise to tooth decay, tooth slippage, gum destabilization, a weakened jaw, and a sunken in dental profile. Thus, it is essential to replace all missing teeth with tooth replacements for a complete smile. To enhance the visual appearance of your teeth, be sure that your oral health remains at its best. Effective replacement treatment options include temporary restorations in the form of dentures or permanent prosthetics such as dental implants and dental bridges.

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